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Powerful Hotspot Mapping, Bokeh Animations and Complex Path Creation

Flexible. Using 3 simple elements, Showcase is able to meet the demands of many complex scenarios. Create sophisticated Hotspots, mimic game character movements and speeding racecars, create walkthroughs and floorplan tours, illustrate sports team plays, design realistic bokeh animations and much more. Version 2.2 is a completely re-written free upgrade - simplified for faster production and extended with tons of new features.

Bokeh animations can be applied to any element or the entire page. Create countless hardware-accelerated Bokeh Circles. Advanced Path Movement can be setup by supplying an infinite number of Coordinates - each point on the path with its own unique speed and delay. Customize Opacity Animations, Gradients and Stops, Border Size, Color and more.

Bullets and Tooltips

Bullets are fully responsive and can be placed on any HTML Element, including Flash. Bullets can be styled and animated however you like - even to look like Bokeh Animations in the above example. All Bullets can optionally be icons.

Place HotSpot Bullets anywhere you like then turn them into Tooltips by simply adding Content.

After a Hotspot has been setup, you can convert it into a Tooltip by simply adding content directly after the Bullet. Tooltips can contain any type of HTML. Showcase automatically detects what Bullets have Tooltips. Tooltips can also have simple or complex path movements as well as custom flicker animations.

Advanced Mapping

Hotspots Each Tooltip can be extended into a Popup for more information by adding a container with your Popup Content after the Tooltip. Showcase tracks everything down for you, optionally building navigation between your Hotspots for a more fluid experience.



Popup Panels

Popups support all content types and are fully customizable. Built-in Hooks are available to extend functionality when Tooltips and Panels Open, Close or Navigate. Each Panel and Tooltip can have unique animations, positions, delays, easing effects and more.

Flexible Bullets

Showcase delivers powerful styling control for Bullets - individually. Every Bullet is unique and tons of options are available including Flickering and Organic Path Movement.

Complex path animations are simple. Path Bullet Points can have unique Speeds and Delays for interesting movements. You can also loop Path Movements.

Bullets support animated CSS3 Gradients. Supply Gradient Stops as well as Gradient Positions and Showcase will generate a CSS3 Keyframe Animation.

Bullets can contain any type of HTML, but Showcase includes a shortcut setting for adding images into your Bullets. Above, the Map Pins are animated on load.