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build 2.0
also available as a jQuery plugin

Powerful Hyena is a lightweight [ 5k ], unobtrusive and responsive animated GIF plugin for WordPress. Compared to video conversion methods like webM, Hyena delivers better performance, faster load times, easier styling and more sophisticated event interaction - without the restrictions of an HTML5 video player.

Hyena doesn't rely on additional still images, server-side processing, video conversion or JavaScript GIF libraries. Everything is handled for you - immediately and without any changes to your images.


Hyena includes many settings for configuring GIF playback. Player Controls are highly customizable, but entirely optional. The top example disables the Player Controls, defaulting to a Click Event.

Animated GIFs can also be set to play on Hover (or Touch/Hold).

GIFs can play when scrolled into view - perfect for blogs and pages with many GIFs. Hyena also allows for customizing the scroll offset.


Hyena includes over 100 Seamless Tiles and 6 customizable Skins. Layered PSDs are provided for each Skin and all styles are organized and well-commented.

Additional options are available such as Button Opacity, Hover Graphics, Timing, Page Fade-In Speed, Show Button on Start, Slate Overlay Layer and more.


Decide when the GIF begins playing and set the duration to initiate a Timed GIF Animation. Smart settings automatically adapt for timers.

The images to the left are both configured to use Timed GIF Animations, using different durations.


Built for speed with GPU acceleration and weighing a mere 5k, Hyena significantly improves page performance by freeing up render resources, and is the fastest animated GIF solution on the web.